Groups, organizations

Active Coaching sessions will provide effective/successful coaching with confidence, effectively and flexibly to groups and organizations locally and internationally based on the need of a customer (private and public sector).

Groups and organizations who would like to lead change management based on the business strategy and targets get will benefit from coaching. Active Coaching will accelerate the development and improve the performance of an individual and company. Active Coaching will increase the added value for a customer and to the whole chain of a product/service by providing more effective, productive and committed employee/personnel.  

Coaching benefits – in organizational level:

Improved team functioning (81%)
Increased commitment (79%)
Improved employees relations (74%)
Faster leadership development (71%)
Increased productivity (70%)
Increased job satisfaction (69%)
Increased emotional intelligence for employees (68%)
Increased employee well-being (66%)
Higher success rate for change management (65%)
- Based on International Coaching Federation (ICF)/Human Capital Institute (HCI) Report 2014: Building Coaching Culture

Coaching-related activities (individual/group/line manager level) are rated as among the most helpful in achieving  goals of change management initiatives
- Based on the ICF's latest signature research study, conducted in partnership with the Human Capital Institute (HCI) in 2018, exploring how coaching can help build change management capacities at the individual and organizational levels

Active Coaching – in a case organizations like to develop following items: 

* Group and team working
* Decision making
* Productivity
* Employee commitment

Implementation (organizational level)

Organizational level services, like consultation, coaching culture development, project management on coaching (wider scale) will be provided together with Business Coaching Center (BCC) based on mutual agreement. 

BCC helps customers in creating and maintaining a coaching culture; a balanced combination of the ability to change and to perform effectively. However, BCC believes that organizations culture can only be changed from within. Therefore, all of BCC actions serve to help our customers help themselves. That is, to build a system which allows customers be self-sufficient at all stages of building and maintaining such culture. 

Based on the agile and international organization BCC as a professional company provides scaled and tailored services ranging from individual coaching needs to significant change management (international) projects.