“Coaching worked very well with you during the coaching period (including  6 sessions). The idea was to focus on one project, how to manage it from the beginning to very end of it. 

Coaching provided me concrete support for daily work giving me new viewpoint to challenging situations faced during the project. 

The questions you raised helped me to find right solutions based on realization of my own. Accordingly, they were very easy to be put into practice right after our sessions. Especially, talking in loud the real challenges helped me to understand the details of them as well as the way how to deal with them. 

The fact that you kept a record on the discussions and summarized the outcome for next session motivated me really to do something on the challenges faced during the sessions. 

Based on the coaching discussions I found new kind of encourage needed on new solutions that I think I would never been able to do when working alone.”

— Ilona Hooli, Portfolio Manager, Mobile Networks, NOKIA


“Leena is a skilled, adept, and highly intelligent coach who gave me invaluable support in navigating challenging situations, and helped me change mental and behavioral patterns in order to perform more effectively and with greater confidence. As a direct result of her coaching, I am equipped with greatly improved skills and techniques for achieving successful outcomes, and I have the courage to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.”

- Ingrid Viitanen, legal professional, Nokia


“After 30 years work life experience the coaching sessions were to me a totally new but refreshing. With Leena I had 6 appointments the first one being an introduction to the way of coaching. In following meetings in good mood Leena made clever questions without giving any answers in order to help me clear my thoughts and ideas on my personnel life and my working life. I was astonished to be able to pick out the important issues and getting clarity in setting targets for personal life. I also was also able to identify interest areas for the last years of my working life.
I surely experienced during and after the session an increased motivation in my everyday life at work and in private.
I appreciate very much Leena’s skills in understanding me as a person and helping me to clear my thoughts and getting a direction for the future”

- Harri Meronen, Solution Manager, Nokia


Coaching approach is not easy to adopt for me in the beginning, but gradually, through real practice with Leena, I got the chance to get exposed to it, better understood it, took advantage of this approach to reflect and think and benefited from it. There are certain moments I felt very frustrated, but eventually, under Leena’s guidance, this experience drove me to think through my own questions facilitated by the challenging questions from coach and not only that I also took actions of agreed things. Leena is very well-trained, she embedded the methodology in the discussions with appropriate structure and constructive questions. 
- Business Intelligence


“ Leena is a professional coach. She helped me with my career advancement plan within my company through thorough gap analysis, brainstorming, and guidance. I am particularly touched with Leena’s kindness whereas she went extra miles; not only she extended the coaching span beyond the agreed upon timeframe, but also she continued to coach me even though the contractual terms had been altered. Importantly, as of today, I already received two job offers within my company, and hope to secure “The one”

— S.C. Nokia, Egypt, Cairo


“One-on-one coaching with Leena. I am very satisfied with the coaching service I received from Leena Ilomäki. When I was coached by Leena I could sense her enthusiasm and dedication to the moment and the coaching event – guiding the discussion smoothly with the goal in mind and making every session beneficial for me. By challenging me with smart well timed questions, she helped me look and consider new angles of the matter I was trying to make up my mind. Her coaching helped me to come to conclusions much quicker than I would by myself. I am still benefiting from her coaching. I have been using that kind of thinking process quite successfully for other matters I am facing in my daily business. She is able to create and apply energy that produces results, I warmly recommend her coaching services. “

— Competence Development Consultant, Nokia


“ A couple of years back, I needed extra push to my career and professional life. I found Leena from my employer Mentor list and I decided to contact her. We started our mentoring journey in second half 2016 and it continued until the end of 2017. During the 16 months mentoring period we met frequently and between the meetings we discussed over the phone and email. It was very easy and natural to build professional and reliable relationship with Leena, which was the solid foundation for productive mentoring. Her education, mentoring experience and forward looking encouragement helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and reassure my future career plans. Leena also helped me to develop structured and concrete plan push towards my goals and aspirations. I can warmly recommend Leena as a Mentor. “

— Jari, Nokia


“ The coaching sessions were important to me because this was decisive in preparing for an opportunity within the same company. In the short term, I could define a more realistic career plan to follow. And, by improving my communication and self-assessments, I could also be prepared for the intended job. Leena is a well-trained and objective person… Her coaching approach provides the more accurate feedbacks about improvements and increases the employee confidence.”

— Pedro Braz, Solution Architect, Nokia, Sao Paulo, Brazil