“Coaching worked very well with you during the coaching period (including  6 sessions). The idea was to focus on one project, how to manage it from the beginning to very end of it. 

Coaching provided me concrete support for daily work giving me new viewpoint to challenging situations faced during the project. 

The questions you raised helped me to find right solutions based on realization of my own. Accordingly, they were very easy to be put into practice right after our sessions. Especially, talking in loud the real challenges helped me to understand the details of them as well as the way how to deal with them. 

The fact that you kept a record on the discussions and summarized the outcome for next session motivated me really to do something on the challenges faced during the sessions. 

Based on the coaching discussions I found new kind of encourage needed on new solutions that I think I would never been able to do when working alone.”

— Ilona Hooli, Portfolio Manager, Mobile Networks, NOKIA